Wednesday, February 3, 2021

What Distro of Linux is Best?

Which distro of Linux is best?  That really is a loaded question.  Really whenever you  ask people what is the best of anything you will find there are often two or three things vying for the best. It use to be people would argue if Ford or Chevy was better.  Now maybe it is Nissan and Hyundai, or Lexus and Mercedes. Heck, pick any two auto manufacturers and there will probably be some number of people that will argue one or the other makes the best cars. Truthfully, it often comes down to preferences, lifestyle, how the car is being used, and ones personal experience.

My father would not buy a Ford.  He actually bought a Ford once.  He lived in Detroit at the time and watched it being assembled on the assembly line, which he said was a great experience.  One day when he was coming home from work the brakes failed as he was pulling into his driveway and the car went through a fence into his backyard. Fortunately no one was hurt. Brakes can fail on any car, and I am not sure if his brake problems was caused by defective manufacturing or by just bad luck, but he never bought another Ford after that. There may have been other problems with it that added to his experience of the car, but his negative experience of the company stuck with him. I owned a Ford Taurus once and I thought it was really a great car, but they stopped making Taurus' until recently, so my next car was a Kia.  So much for brand loyalty.

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